To assist Christians to have a greater freedom to worship the Lord, to have a closer walk with our Lord Jesus Christ and be more effective in the body of Christ.

Our aim is to see people released from generational sins and iniquities after going through our manuals, Break Free and Freedom From Catholicism.

These manuals have helped hundreds of individuals and families be released.


The vision from the Lord in 1999 is for a ministry of encouragement to the body of Christ.
For many years Lawrie received scriptures from Isaiah 61: 1-3 and Luke 4: 18 to set the captives free. (Captives can be those who belong to the Lord but are restricted because of blockages in their lives by generational hindrances. e.g. sickness, marriage problems, premature death, financial problems and others).

Together Lawrie and Wendy minister in encouragement to the body of Christ through prayer and intercessory prayer ministry. Teaching and release from generational sins.

In seeking the Lord what he wanted us to call this ministry He gave us both the same scripture at the same time from Rev. 22: 2, also confirming it through His word many times over.

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